What classes do you offer?


We offer classes ranging from beginner to advanced. Read below to see the classes we offer and our definition of levels.

Tumbling Class Levels

Level 1

Cartwheel, one handed cartwheel, round-off, round-off toe-touch, backbend, back walkover off the mat, handstand against the wall.

Level 2

Back walkover, back limber, front walkover, front limber, handstand walks

Level 3

Front handspring, back handspring, round-off back handspring.

Level 4

Round-off 2,4,6 back handsprings, round-off whip, round-off layout whip back handspring.

Level 5

Round-off 3 back handsprings tuck, round-off whip whip, round-off layout, round-off back full.


Round-off 4 back handsprings, whip, multiple whips, tucks, layouts, fulls, double fulls, double backs.

Definition of Levels

We offer several class levels. Read below to find which level best fits your child.


Working cart-wheels, round-offs, back walkovers, front limbers.


MUST HAVE back walkover and/or front limbers. Working on back handsprings.


HAS standing back handspring. Working on or has round-off back handspring.


HAS round-off 2-6 back handsprings. Working on or has standing back handsprings.


HAS standing 10 back handsprings. Working on whips, tucks, layouts, fulls.